Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Trilian v1.3

Spectrasonics has released version 1.3 updates for Omnisphere and Trilian, two virtual instrument plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Omnisphere and Trilian Software v1.3.1c

  • New ‘Latch’ performance features for Live Stack modes allow notes from any part to be “frozen”.
  • New ‘Trigger modes’ allow Omnisphere and Trilian parts to be synchronized and quantized in real-time performance.
  • New ‘Sustain2′ mode allows for much more realistic Rock-style Bass playing in Trilian.
  • All Envelopes now have Groove Lock™ feature. Envelope Patterns can be created via drag and drop of MIDI Files.
  • New Browser ‘Search Lock’ and ‘Search Clear’ features improve workflow.
  • Cross-platform support for Omni Live iPhone app on OSX and Windows.
  • Numerous compatibility, performance and support improvements.

Changes in Omnisphere Patch Library 1.3.0 Update

  • 121 New Omnisphere patches (v1.3 Factory library = 7,234 total sounds).
  • 8 New Latch Mode Example Multis.
  • Updated “Taste of Omnisphere” demo library.
  • Revised 1.3 edition of Omnisphere Reference Guide.
  • Various fixes and enhancements.

Changes in Trilian Patch Library 1.3.0 Update

  • Remastered all Factory Trilian Acoustic and Electric patches/multis for brighter, more “production ready” initial tone that have more presence. (previous user songs will not be affected)
  • 17 New “Produced” Trilian Bass Multis and Patches including: Studio Rock, Studio Brite, Clean Fender Rock, Clean Fender Brite, Hardcore Thick, Retro 60’s Vintage, Trilian Acoustic Brite, Trilian Acoustic Vintage, Trilian Acoustic Warm.
  • 56 New Trilian Synth Patches.
  • Revised 1.3 edition of Trilian Reference Guide.
  • All Electric/Acoustic Bass Patches and Multis programmed with new Sustain2 mode. (Try using the sustain pedal).
  • Acoustic and Electric Bass envelope decays now more realistic.
  • Adds Korg nanoKONTROL MIDI Learn template and Editor setup.
  • Various fixes and improvements to patches and multis.

With the release of version 1.3 Spectrasonics has also launched a VIP Patch Library.

The VIP Library is a brand new library of amazing new patches and multis – which are an exclusive special bonus for our customers that own both Omnisphere and Trilian.

The VIP sounds were created by the renown Spectrasonics Sound Development Team utilizing the vast possibilities of these two instruments together to take Omnisphere to a whole new sonic level!

VIP Patch Library 1.3.0 Update features

  • 150 New VIP patches.
  • 33 New VIP Multis.

More information: Spectrasonics