Spectrasonics Trilian

Spectrasonics has released version 1.1.4c of Trilian and Omnisphere, two virtual instruments for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Trilian & Omnisphere v1.1.4c

  • Don’t display inverted note learns on Live page.
  • Prompt for STEAM folder when STEAM shortcut is missing.

The Trilian Patch Library was updated as well.

Changes in Trilian Patch Library v1.0.3a

  • Trilian full Synth Patch Library – over 500 new synth bass patches.
  • Synth DEMO BANK removed and integrated.
  • Various fixes and improvements to patches and multis.
  • Improved tags and notes.
  • Trilian Reference Guide version 1.0.
  • Updated default/init multis and UserSettings pref files.

More information: Spectrasonics