Spektro Audio has announced the release of a version 1.1 update for CV Toolkit – Standalone Version, an application that can be used to control analog synthesizers by sending CV signals through any DC-coupled audio interface or Expert Sleeper’s module.

The update includes two new virtual modules (MIDI to CV and CV Quantizer), native Smux support (Mac only), and many different improvements to the “Scangraph”, “Envelope” and “Step Sequencer” virtual modules.

Changes in CV Toolkit v1.1

  • New “MIDI to CV” module with auto-calibration and transpose. Calibrate your VCOs and play them in tune!
  • New “CV Quantizer” module – Quantize signals coming from other virtual modules to a specific Scale (Chromatic, Major, Minor, Minor Harmonic or Blues) and note range.
  • ScanGraph improvements:
    • ‘Rand’ button – Generates a random graph.
    • Snap breakpoints to the grid by holding down the “S” key.
    • Use these two new features together in order to generate random graphs with all breakpoints snapped to the grid.
  • Envelope improvements:
    • ‘Rand’ button – Generates a random graph
  • Step Sequencer improvements:
    • Velocity Layer – The velocity layer can be used to control the gain of the AD envelopes for each of the steps. You can also turn a step off by setting it’s velocity to zero.
    • Shift the sequence by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard.
    • “Rand”, “Clear”, and shifting operations can be applied to the Velocity layer by holding down the “V” key.
    • Adjustable number of steps (Min: 4 / Max: 16).
    • New option for changing the output signal from Bi-Polar to Positive-only (available on the Options window).
    • New option for disabling triggers generated by the Sequencer (available on the Options window).
  • Native SMUX support (Mac only) – You can now use CV Toolkit together with an Expert Sleepers ES–3 module at higher sample rates (above 48kHz).
  • The GATE outlet was removed from the Routing Matrix for a better user experience. You can still output gates through the Mix module. We’ve also added an option for swapping the TRIGGER outlet on the Routing Matrix for a GATE outlet.
  • New option for disabling the transmission of LEDs to the Lemur for a smoother integration (available on the Options window).
  • The Trim dial is now called “Output Trim” and it has been moved to the Options window. It’s value will now be stored as a global settings and will be automatically recalled every time you open the program.
  • You can now hold down the “G” key to activate guidelines on the Routing Matrix.
  • Lemur template updated.
  • Many misc / minor bug fixes.

The application is available to purchase for $19.99 USD.

More information: Spektro Audio / CV Toolkit – Standalone Version