Spitfire Audio has announced Albion One, a follow-up orchestral instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Spitfire has carefully studied what made Albion ‘Legacy’ so popular, have returned to the hall at Air Studios and have painstakingly recreated and enhanced the objectives of the original.

As before there is at the centre a large epic orchestra, but this time the orchestra size has been enhanced to 109 players with many more articulations and new features including stylised legacy articulations by Andy Blaney and an awesome strings ’runs’ section. The Darwin Percussion has been carefully re-recorded with many additional sections (and a couple of old favourites). The brunel dynamic loops section has this time been designed by Spitfire’s award winning team from new recordings made with Paul Clarvis and a lot of treats he uses on many a-list films including “Skyfall”.

The Stephenson’s Steam Synth takes epic and awesome to whole new levels with both this and the loops presented in Spitfires much applauded eDNA engine. There are also few exceptions of ‘special’ moments from the original ‘legacy’ Albion that they felt they couldn’t better, so they have retained those in ONE, you know who you are!

All of these sections are available to download as a single pack or in convenient sections so you can grab what you need now and come back anytime to treat yourself to the other treasures you have bought.

Albion One will launch soon, priced at RRP £319 GBP. For the month of October existing volume 1 or ‘legacy’ owners will be able to cross-grade to the this “new from the ground up” version for £149 GBP (regular £199 GBP).

More information: Spitfire Audio