Spitfire Audio has launched Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions, a Kontakt Player instrument library that allows you to create beautiful symphonic string textures with ease.

Spitfire Audio Symphonic Strings Evolutions

Composers are forever being asked to make meaningful music that sits easily under dialogue without diverting attention away from the scene.

Our Evo Grid technology, based on an easy-to-use evolution engine, allows you to create and perform engaging, sophisticated and emotional music from the most simplistic of arrangements. Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions marries this concept with the majesty of a symphony-sized string section recorded at the legendary Air Studios (the same featured in the award-winning Spitfire Symphonic Strings).

As a layering tool it can bring static arrangements to life with elegant, modern and progressive orchestral techniques, plus solve one of the harder aspects of media composition: effective gradual transitions from one state to another. The hands-on grid and access to endless amount of textural layers make this inspirational, flexible and tactile string library a must-have.

Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions is on sale for 259 EUR until August 31st, 2017 (regular 309 EUR). Prices inc VAT. Symphonic Strings owners receive an additional 10% discount.

More information: Spitfire Audio / Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions

Spitfire Audio Symphonic Strings Evolutions Kontakt