Spitfire Audio continues its Abbey Road One series with a new instrument library featuring 2 Oboes & 2 Clarinets, and 2 Clarinets & 2 Bassoons in octaves.

Influenced by reed techniques employed by composers such as John Williams, Howard Shore, and Jerry Goldsmith, Mysterious Reeds evokes a timeless, emotive sound inundated with dramatic effect and is well-suited for expressive compositions.

Evoke a warm and mysterious air in your compositions with this alluring accompaniment to Abbey Road’s iconic Studio One. Whether soft and unsettling, challenging and dynamic, or somewhere in between, these reeds are great for adding a regal tone to orchestral compositions as well as creations of any genre seeking to incorporate magical and bewildering textures.

A departure from your standard, ‘pretty’ woodwind orchestration, these reeds — pairings of 2 Oboes & 2 Clarinets, and 2 Clarinets & 2 Bassoons — deliver an intriguing alternative for a darker, more mystical sound utilised by the crème de la crème of Abbey Road film composers. The enquiring tones of this selection effortlessly inspire intricate voicings to augment your arrangements with enduring, enigmatic emotion.

Abbey Road One: Mysterious Reeds for the Spitfire Audio App (VST/VST3, AU, AAX and NKS-ready) is available for purchase for 49 USD/EUR/GBP. The library is also included in Abbey Road One: The Collection, priced 449 GBP or 485 USD/EUR.

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