Spitfire EVO Grid 4

Spitfire Audio has launched Evo Grid 4 – Woodwinds, a new instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Following on from the success of Spitfire’s original Evo Grid 1, and the stunning Evo Grid 2 and the ultra exclusive ‘Symphonic Evolutions’, it was time to let the blowers have a go! Returning to the ultra dry but warm vintage surroundings of Air Edel Studios, Spitfire Audio, in conjunction with orchestrator Ben Foskett, set about doing things with woodwinds that you would never expect. To create a product that oozes originality, inspiration and a critical edge for your future compositions!

The newly initiated Evos are hyperlong articulations that change, sometimes subtly and sometimes radically, over time before looping. We organise these on a grid so you can plot which evolution or ‘Evo’ sits on which key range. In this day and age, composers are often asked to engage the listener by doing very little, we’re asked to rarely change a note, to do nothing, but ‘really sort a scene out’! Evo Grid is our solution to this conundrum!

Evo Grid 4 is available for the introductory price of £134 GBP until September 17th, 2015 (RRP 179 GBP).

Spitfire Audio has also announced it is retiring Albion.

Spitfire RIP Albion

Yes, it’s true. After countless plaudits and awards and years of offering many their first steps on their Spitfire journey, it is time to retire the jewel in the Spitfire crown.

This is your last chance to buy the original Albion, and we hope that offering it to you at the price of £149 (RRP £349 – OR AROUND $230 from $540 IN US DOLLARS!) is a compelling incentive for you to join this adoring club. More importantly, we hope she provides you with many more years of happiness.

More information: Spitfire Audio