Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Marimba Swarm, a Kontakt instrument library featuring 9 marimbas placed all over the hall at Air Studios to create a tuned percussion ‘choir’.

A versatile set of tools recorded in the world class Air Studios London by Jake Jackson via the finest signal path to 2″ tape. With a broad variety of mixes, microphone positions and perspectives, Marimba swarm caters to a variety of causes.

From a celebratory carnival troupe, to Terence Malick inspired vistas, to awesome Steve Reich or Terry Riley style systems uses. From a distant boys choir to an intense and slightly insane wooden rain storm!

Marimba Swarm features

  • 9 Marimbas on the main scoring stage.
  • Trems, Rolls & Hits with Numerous Round Robins and sticks.
  • Additional low end soft extension with trems and rolls.
  • Slow and fast trems with speed control and dynamic crossfading via mod wheel.
  • Epic unison hits with soft, medium and hard sticks as well as hand muted.
  • Recorded to tape via the finest microphones and pre-amps.
  • Selection of mic perspectives and Jake Jackson mixed from up front and personal to epic widescreen.
  • Easy to use, this one springs out of the box.

Marimba Swarm is available for the introductory price of £112 GBP until 23:55 GMT, February 28th, 2016 (RRP £149 GBP). The library is also included in the Swarm Bundle for the intro price of £299 GBP (RRP £399 GBP).

More information: Spitfire Audio / Marimba Swarm