Spitfire Audio has announced the release of two new Extended Family series sample libraries produced by third-party developers.

Fresh from fellow British sample developers Sound Dust — created by Brighton-based composer, sound designer, and funny noise lover Pendle Poucher for composers, producers, and music-makers alike — comes SD01 DUSTBUNDLE, a purpose-built bundle comprising all six of the company’s top-selling, most inspiring, and delightful virtual instruments for Native Instruments’ Kontakt platform.

PLASTIC GHOST PIANO is an amazing-sounding, one-of-a-kind ‘acoustic’ piano produced by spurting bursts of controlled noise through unsuspecting piano samples; GRAND THRIFT AUTOHARP2 is the result of mating a tiny autoharp with a full-sized grand piano to create an absorbing mixed-breed musical mechanism with four different string layers to create unique piano-ish, plucky, autoharp-ish sounds; DULCITONE 18842 represents the first time that this rare and beautiful 1884-vintage Scottish portable keyboard boasting basic piano action with spring-loaded felt-covered hammers striking small magnetshaped tuning folks to produce a woody, celesta-cum-glockenspiel-type sound has been multi-sampled to create another distinctive, musthave virtual instrument; DULCITONE 19002 gives a 16-year-younger dulcitone the same multi-sampling treatment with a slightly jinglier and more even tone throughout; HAMMR+ is one part of the Hammr Suite, a classic tonewheel organ sample set with a difference developed with Oasis/Sheryl Crowe keyboard player Mike Rowe and recorded by Andy Britton at Toyroom Studios in Brighton; while GHOST DULCITONE 1900 sees Pendle Poucher applying his PLASTIC GHOST PIANO multi-sampling experiments with impulse responses to his rare dulcitone collection to create otherworldly, hauntingly-beautiful sounding instruments — a yet-to-be released left-field beauty by way of an added bonus!

As Spitfire Audio cofounder/composer Paul Thomson himself says, somewhat excitedly: “There’s a wealth of great stuff in here. It’s really a killer collection of sounds!”

Next up, REDCOLA TRAILER GIANT volume #1, the world’s first purpose-built trailer toolkit designed by behemoths of the trailer music and sound design world REDCOLA.

Spitfire Audio are collectively delighted to partner up with West Coast, USA-based likeminded craftspeople and enthusiasts for creativity and excellence in their art. As such, this carefully curated bumper volume of sweeps, rises, falls, atmos, hits, pads, and ‘moments’ is sure to become the definitive go-to pack of tasty and tasteful goodies for anyone seeking out mind-warping, jaw-dropping transitions when looking to inject adrenalin into cues and take things up a gear or two! Trailer use is, of course, an absolute given, as already professionally proven by Spitfire Audio themselves when using the spectacular sounds within this volume on ads, hybrid movie and TV scores, and especially when successfully scoring some major computer games.

Gushes Paul Thomson: “What we have here is a team who are amongst the best in their field, creating really high-end work with incredible sound design, recording, and processing, and then we’ve paired that with the controllability that you get with the eDNA engine in order that you can take this world-class raw material and make it into something new which is unique to your project. So it’s not just buying a bunch of sound effects as WAVs and sticking some in the middle of your session. We always want the user to be in control of what is actually coming out of the system — that’s the key thing for us, so this is a really wonderful pairing.”

The sample libraries are now available exclusively from Spitfire Audio for £99 GBP for the DUSTBUNDLE and £299 GBP forREDCOLA TRAILER GIANT volume #1 (subject to VAT within the EU).

More information: Spitfire Audio