Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Flute Consort Vol 1, a new British Modular Library series instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

London woodwind players are considered amongst the best in the world. Where film music sessions are concerned it could be argued that you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Woodwinds are so expressive they can be a pain to sample. So our belief is to start with the best and then work as hard as we can to honour the talent we have captured.
The Flute Consort features three of the finest players in London today one recorded solo, two recorded in unison. They are seated exactly in situ so combine the a2 patches with the solo ones for a slightly larger section whilst maintaining spectral integrity. Volume one features a selection of the most commonly asked for articulations presented with a simple, out of the box ease of use and the BML UI, learn one Spitfire GUI, learn them all.

Combined with the majesty of the hall at Air, that signal chain, that 2” tape, Jake Jackson’s mastery of the room and the mixes, and a beautifully programmed instrument that “just works”, once you try this we’re sure you’ll agree you’ve just laid your hands on something truly special.

The library is available to purchase for the introductory price of £149 GBP until January 2nd, 2014 (RRP £199 GBP).

Spitfire has also launched 6 new Spitfire Labs instruments.

In our continued efforts to democratise the world of sampling, we are releasing a further 6 instruments from Christian and Paul’s secret stash! Having updated the livery of all of the labs range, we are also pleased to announce that this season’s range features the artwork of Peter Buwert, a fantastic artist and designer.

The new Labs instruments are free to existing Labs members (donation to UNICEF required).

More information: Spitfire Audio