Spitfire Audio has launched Spitfire Symphonic Strings, a deep sampled string instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt, recorded at Lyndhurst Hall within London’s legendary Air Studios.

60 Star Players, 16 1st Violins, 14 2nd Violins, 12 Violas, 10 Cellos & 8 Basses super deep sampled with over 175 articulations, including 59 shorts, 94 longs, and 5 extraordinary performance legato patches programmed by Andrew Blaney. Recorded with multiple round robins, dynamic layers and presented with 3 essential and versatile microphone positions. In addition to each individual section we also have a comprehensive selection of articulations and techniques presented in an ‘ensemble’ format designed for sketching and composing with ‘out of the box’ satisfaction.

This is our shot at creating the definitive compendium of Symphonic strings, recorded with a no-holds-barred approach. From classic and elegant vibrato, and expression controlled ‘dolce’ samples, to our own up-to-the-minute techniques designed by our award winning team of composers and producers. Highlights of these include our hugely popular ‘flautando’ and ‘super sul tasto’ articulations.

Go as detailed as you wish with each section individually, or dive in with our specially curated ‘ensembles’ tools designed for quick writing and broad brush strokes.

Spitfire Symphonic Strings features

  • 175 articulations, including 59 shorts, 94 longs, & 45 legatos.
  • 60 Top London string players.
  • Recorded in situ (ie: in the positions they occupy in a scoring session).
  • Recorded using priceless valve and ribbon mics.
  • Neve Montserrat Pre-amps into a Neve 88R desk.
  • Recorded digitally at 96k via 2″ Studer tape.
  • Deep sampled with multiple dynamic layers and round robins.
  • Diverse and detailed with essential, additional and some totally unique articulations.
  • Legatos designed by Andrew Blaney.
  • Individual sections and ensembles.
  • 3 essential, diverse and most favoured mic positions: C(lose), T(ree), A(mbient).
  • Kontakt Player included.
  • NKS-ready.
  • New intuitive GUI with inline help system.
  • As used by A-list composers and producers around the globe.

Spitfire Symphonic Strings is available for the introductory price of £525 GBP (inc. VAT) until November 30th, 2016, 8am GMT (regular £699 GBP). Prices inc. VAT. Past purchasers of BML MURAL libraries are entitled to a discounted upgrade path to Spitfire Symphonic Strings.

More information: Spitfire Audio / Spitfire Symphonic Strings