SPL DrumXchanger

Sound Performance Lab has announced it will launch five new products at the Musikmesse 2010 (24-27 March).

New SPL products

  • M/S Master M/S management processor
    • Fully adjustable separation of L/R signals into middle/side signals
    • Frequency filter for bass and room ambience control
    • Stereo width control
    • Inserts for external processors. Switch your outboard from stereo to M/S processing with a single button and without cabling
  • Transpressor The ultimate dynamic processor
    • Transient Designer & Twin Core Compressor
    • Both modules can be used in any order
    • Transient processing starts at the limits of compression, e. g. to emphasize dynamic structures in spite of compression
  • RackPack 4 RackPack frame for four modules
    • Mounting frame & power supply for up to four modules
    • Compact, portable and more affordable
    • Lateral handle, fitting system for a 19-inch rack included
  • Dual-Band De-Esser RackPack module against sibilance
    • New RackPack module: Dual-Band De-Esser
    • Kicks “S” with phase cancellation technique
    • Extremely sound-neutral
    • Increased effectiveness and targeted processing with high and low band
    • Auto-Threshold keeps processing level constant even at varying microphone distances
    • Male/Female mode perfectly adapts to male or female voices
  • DrumXchanger Analog Code Plug-in
    • Optimizes or replaces drum sounds in a mix
    • Replaces samples phase-accurately
    • Transient Designer technology for level-independent recognition
    • Recognizes all drum hits faithfully, including the faintest ghost notes
    • Two complete Transient Designer processing stages
    • High-quality 24 bit/96 kHz SPL sample library
    • Launch of the BETA version at Musikmesse (March 24)

More information: Sound Performance Lab