Splash Sound has announced the release of a new version of its flagship cinematic percussion instrument for Kontakt.

Epic Percussion 3 includes 3 drum kits and 17 solo percussion instruments.The update comes with a new sound source position control system which allows you to move any of the instruments within the stage space.

It also features an “Epicness knob” algorithm that allows mixing of additional samples, 3 microphone positions and built-in effects.

“Epicness knob” algorithm makes the library perfect for classic orchestral soundtracks as well as for modern aggressive trailers. Just one button allows you to change instrument sound from pure acoustic to hybrid and synthetic sound. Samples mixing with the original sound source are specific for every patch.

Virtual stage makes it easy to arrange instruments used in the mix. Just one mouse movement allows you to move the toms closer to the listener or remove high percussion to the far corner of the stage. Also, distance and panorama parameters can be automatized, what can be useful for trailer music composing. For example, the drama effect could be strengthen by reducing the distance.

Built-in rhythm loops make it faster to outline the rhythm section of your tracks without being distracted from the main idea. We understand how important it is not to lose inspiration and make sketch as quickly as possible.

Epic Percussion 3 includes 560 built-in rhythm loops for the fastest arrangement of rhythm sections. An optimized user interface offers intuitive access to all instrument functions.

The instrument library is available for the intro price of $99 USD until April 10th, 2021 (regular $149 USD). Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.7.3 or higher.

More information: Splash Sound