Following the Sound Cache Vol. 3 sample pack by umru, Splice Sounds continues the Beyond Hyperpop series with the Vertex sample pack, a collection of 199 loops and one shot samples by Blackwinterwells.

blackwinterwells (Madeline Winter) describes her music as “chaos elemental” and there may not be a better term to encapsulate her sound. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Winter has not only channeled her DIY ethos into building a huge SoundCloud following for the blackwinerwells project, she has harnessed that growing interest in her productions to catapult her into the pop universe.

Known for her emotive and often sad lyrics, Winter pulls much inspiration from her love of fantasy and escapism. She has range though, lending her production support to osquinn, Midwxst, 8485. Winter is also the director of the “cybernetic healing unit” (or collective), Helix Tears.

The sample pack and all individual sounds are available to Splice subscribers. New users can sign up for a 14-day free trial to try Splice.

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