Splice has released a brand new sample pack in the Splice Explores series. A collection of over 400 samples, Invented Instruments brings the sounds of legendary NYC based experimental multi-instrumentalist and avant-garde Elliot Sharp.

Splice Explores: Invented Instruments is a deep dive into the wild creative mind of Elliot and his strange instrument offspring; each with its own origin story. Instruments such as the “Triplebass Pantar” and “Hammerpan” were the result of Elliot walking through Chinatown and coming upon large metal lids from giant containers of MSG. The “Violinoid” was a build in 1977 using a violin neck and fingerboard mounted on a wooden frame with multiple bridges and guitar pickups. The “Arches H-Line” and “Violameriyah” were both inspired by a fellow improvising guitarist and luthier of extraordinary inventiveness and skill. Finally, the “6-string Violameriyah” derives its name from three sources: the viola, the dulcimer, and the sumsumiyah, a Bedouin 6-string zither that uses metal cans or wooden boxes for a resonating chamber.

These instruments together create a bizarre yet functional collection of sounds that can be used as unique percussion, ominous drones, fx for video games, or foley for film and TV. These samples cannot be found anywhere else in the world and are completely unique to Splice. Welcome to a one-of-one treasure trove that is waiting to be explored. show less

Invented Instruments is available to Splice subscribers. New users can sign up to for free 14-day trial to try Splice Sounds.

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