Splice has released some new sample packs on its Splice Sounds imprint.

Cassette Tapes has returned with an all-new set of gems and jewels in Goodie Bag Vol. 2.

The San Francisco pop duo serves up a fusion of soul, blues, hip hop, and pop with vintage-sounding instruments melded with modern production styles. Whether you’re looking for inspirational song starters or groovy R&B loops, this goodie bag is full of poptastic surprises.

The Kount Sample Pack Vol. 3 sees the Toronto-based music producer wage another war against wack drums with polyrhythmic molasses to sweeten any track.

His drum and percussion samples have appeared in productions by legends like Madlib and many more. For his third Splice pack, he shares even more warm analog synths, ambient FX, buttery Rhodes chords, banging pocketed drum breaks, and more —all for your beat-building needs.

In Kaelin Ellis’ first Splice pack, he explores the groovy, jazzy, and funky edges of lo-fi, giving you the sounds to build beats to study to, the lounge soundtrack you’ve always wanted, or whatever your heart desires.

Kaelin Ellis is a multi-platinum music producer known for being top of the class in the modern jazz/electronic/hip hop beat scene. His production credits include work with Waldo, Sango, Deffie, and the K-Pop supergroup EXO. Formerly known as Mr. Mockwell, he was originally part of an online crew dubbed “Loaflab”, where he came in contact with fellow musicians and later collaborative partners, Lupe Fiasco, Kaytranada, Sango, and many more.

The sample packs and all individual sounds are available to Splice subscribers. New users can sign up for a 14-day free trial to try Splice Sounds.

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