Splice Sounds has released a fresh batch of sound packs, including Krewella: Sample Pack Vol. 1, a collection of samples by the pioneering dance music duo formed in 2007 in Chicago by sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf.

One of the most successful electronic acts of the past decade, Krewella first made an impact with their self-released chart-topping debut EP ‘Play Hard’ (2012), featuring the breakthrough single “Killin’ It.” Their 2013 era-defining debut album, ‘Get Wet,’ featured the platinum-selling “Alive,” a Top 40 hit in the U.S.


In June 2017, Krewella launched their own Mixed Kids Records label, named after their multiracial background, which initiated their next creative phase. Krewella’s new sound sees the duo experimenting with a wider range of styles—trap, Bollywood, pop, R&B—and exploring deeper themes of mixed ethnic identity, liberated sexuality, and creative experimentation.

On their 2020 album, zer0 (Mixed Kids Records), Krewella further developed their intricate songwriting and production styles while deepening their independent spirit and worldly approach to art. As the culmination of the duo’s more than a decade-long career at the forefront of electronic music, zer0 tackles real-life social issues and features global collaborators like Indian electronic producer Nucleya, Pakistani singer-songwriter Asim Azhar, and others.

In their debut Splice pack, find a unique range of their original sounds including chants, melodies, pads, chops, rhythms, and more.

Sound Clash: Modern Dancehall from Diaspora — In modern music, Dancehall has become a mainstay. We can thank the influence of Jamaican Dancehall music for modern pop hits like “One Dance” by Drake, and “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran, despite neither one of these artists claiming the decorated genre as their own.

“Sound Clash”, created by accomplished producer Jathniel Solomon (Madd Vybes Muzik) is a sample pack dedicated entirely to modern Dancehall music.

Diaspora Modern Dancehall

With its infectious rhythms and catchy synth lines, this pack authentically narrows in on the danceable grooves the genre is known for. “Sound Clash” features 15 Melodic Loops, 15 Drum Loops, and over 140 drum and synth one-shots for a drag-and-drop, or more hands on approach to Dancehall production.

Leftfield Drum Breaks from LEX Sounds — A.J. Hall is a professional drummer and music producer who has toured and recorded with Jon Cleary, Russ Liquid, Bill Evans, and Nigel Hall.

In 2019 he started crafting his own drum breaks which have since been used on records with Russ, Statik Selecta, Smoke Dza, !llmind, Terminology, DJ Green Lantern, and more.

Leftfield Drum Breaks

All of these drum breaks have been recorded using three different drum sets, five different snares and a variety of Sabian cymbals. All the drum breaks and drum sounds were processed using analog gear such as the Roland SP303, a reel to reel tape machine, and a vintage space echo.

This pack is perfect for anyone looking for grimy, dusty, and funky drum breaks that you would normally find searching through vintage records from the 1970s. This pack contains drum and percussion one shots, fills, top loops, melodic loops, and of course tons of drum breaks. All of these drum breaks were performed live by a real drummer and each one contains subtle human characteristics that will give your tracks the warmth and depth of classic hip hop and funk records.

If you’re looking to add some vintage bounce to your tracks look no further than Leftfield Drum Breaks.

Kalimba Alchemy Vol. 1 from RARE Percussion — Kalimba Alchemy brings you ancient sounds with a modern vibe.

These raw instruments have a texture that is perfect to flip, reverse, or design in any way you see fit. All kalimbas were made in South Africa and come in a variety of tunings and textures. These have a distinct audio quality that can’t be found in midi synths like Omnisphere.

Kalimba Alchemy

These lines and are also performed and designed by a session player and sound designer to bring you some different and dope sonic options for your beats. Kalimbas can keep heard and found in a variety of top-charting songs in Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, RnB, and more.

Parth Desai – High Viscosity from Billegal Sounds — Billegal Sounds is proud to simultaneously welcome back, and to present their 13th entry in their featured “artist series”: Parth Desai – High Viscosity.

High Viscosity gives you a range of water-y, damp, muddy, thick and almost solid, yet still succulent melodic and percussive sounds.

High Viscosity

Crafted by Parth Desai, a producer based out of Ahmedabad, India, this sample pack has a lot of bass, fx, percussive one-shots along with some ripe synth and bass loops to help you get that juice flowing in your music. If you enjoyed his last pack, this one is a must have.

Ol’ Dirty Samples from Capsun ProAudio — Ol’ Dirty Samples pays homage to the old school East Coast hip hop vibes of the basement studio.

Walls of dusty records, buzzing hardware, and 16-pad samplers. A collection of grungy re-sampled loops, low bitrate piano chops, gritty drums, and nostalgic vocal stacks created in collaboration with Arthouse Acoustics.

Ol Dirty Samples

Capsun ProAudio recorded live with pro players including vintage pianos, double bass, soulful guitars, and full vocal choir stacks. Every composition was mixed, mastered, and then heavily re-sampled to create MPC style chops and cuts and nostalgic song-starters and one-shots. Heavy tape saturation, downsampling, pitched and reversed techniques were employed to soak every loop with authentic golden era feel.

Arthouse Acoustics raided their exclusive live drums, breaks, and percussion recording archives, chopping and processing unique hits to create a vintage-style kit perfect for boom bap and lo-fi hip hop.

Elise Trouw: Beats You Can Sing: Drum and Vocal Pack from Jammcard Samples — The Elise Trouw Beats You Can Sing: Drum and Vocal Pack is a collection of expertly recorded drums and vocals, exploring simple yet versatile drum beats and vocal performances to inspire your compositions.

With loops ranging from 60 bpm to 180 bpm, this pack delivers a treasure trove of sounds to build a solid musical foundation, while adding a unique and expansive sonic quality.

Elise Trouw

These samples were recorded at Singing Serpent in San Diego, CA utilizing the Neve BCM 10 with original 1073 mic-pre EQ’s. The vocals were captured by a Soundelux E47. The kit was made up of the Singing Serpent house kit, as well as Paiste Dark Energy crashes and hi-hats, and a Paiste Big Beat 22” ride. The sounds in this collection were mixed, produced, and engineered by Henry Lunetta, and assisted by Conor Meads – delicately adding analogue flavour to the sounds while leaving dynamic and sonic headroom for the end user to further manipulate, rework in their own production.

Elise Trouw is a SoCal based multimedia artist blazing her own path by redefining what it means to be a musician in popular music today. The San Diego native has gained notoriety through her unique approach to music as an independent artist. Two weeks after uploading an innovative live looping mashup of Foo Fighters’ “Everlong” and “What You Won’t Do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell, Elise caught the eye of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel who invited her to play on his show that same month. A few live looping videos and 30 million views later, Elise has continued to grow her online fan base around her artistry.

All sounds are 100% royalty-free and every loop and one-shot has been meticulously crafted, curated and tempo-synced for ease of use.

Indie Abstractions from Sonic Collective — Indie Abstractions presents a balance of acoustically manipulated and electronically humanized sounds.

Indie Abstractions

Taking influence from creative iconoclasts Thom Yorke and Radiohead, the samples in this pack present a lush soundscape with a dark under current.

Crafted by multi instrumentalist and producer Carey Clayton, Indie Abstractions is filled with textural, synthesizer derived drums, gritty synth bass, sparkly, wavering synth loops, shapeshifting, dynamic guitars, and musically sculpted FX loops. Drag these samples into your next production needing that indie edge.

The new sample packs and all individual sounds are now available to Splice Sounds subscribers.

New users can get 1 month free access to Splice by using promo code YT2021 when signing up for a plan.

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