Splice Sounds has announced that it has launched nearly 100,000 sound effects from 3 top sound designers: Ric Viers of Blastwave FX, J.R. Fountain of Big Room Sound, and Coll Anderson of C.A. Sound Inc.

This library is part of Splice Sounds and geared towards audio professionals in film scoring, post-production, and game audio design.

At Splice, we have become obsessed with bringing the best tools and technology to modern musicians. Today we are excited to announce the arrival of nearly 100,000 new sounds – but not the musical one-shots and loops our library is known for. This new catalogue features exclusively sound effects and represents our effort to expand our platform to fit the expansive needs of anyone who works with sound.

This marks the start of a new chapter at Splice that will extend the benefits of Splice Sounds to a new audience: sound designers and sound editors for film, tv, games, and podcasts. We’re starting with the introduction of sound effects from three award-winning independent sound effects producers: Ric Viers of Blastwave FX, J.R. Fountain of Big Room Sound and Coll Anderson of C.A. Sound, Inc. These sounds are now offered as part of our Splice Sounds subscription, meaning users will get access to our same unique pricing models, which equates to sounds starting at just three cents per sound.

The sounds are now available at Splice Sounds.

More information: Splice Sounds