Splice has introduced its brand new Laxcity Vol. 2 Sample Pack, a collection of 140 one shots and loops by producer Joshua Mbewe aka Laxcity.

Laxcity returns with a second Splice pack, this time on the heels of collaborating with Moore Kismet on two singles from their long-awaited debut album, UNIVERSE. He worked on the lush soundscapes of “Parallel Heartbreak” with Pauline Herr, and the explosive future-leaning track, “Flourish”.

For this sample pack, Laxcity applied his nuanced and immersive signature style to tons of foley sounds, tonal melodies, and vocal phrases and chops.

The pack and all individual sounds are now available to Splice subscribers. New users can sign up for a 14-day trial to try Splice Sounds.

More information: Splice Sounds