Splice Sounds has released the Tuned & Tonal Percussion Collection, a special edition sample pack by Soundiron featuring a compendium of beautifully-produced tuned percussion instrument samples.

This library features a dozen multi-sampled instruments designed to be played with hands, mallets and hammers, offering a wide and diverse palette of enchanting tones.

It includes a 25-key Alto Glockenspiel, 18 tuned Indonesian bamboo rattles (aka “Angklung”), a chromatic Indonesian bamboo log drum (aka “Bamblong”), forged steel Blossom Bells (aka “Circle Bells”), a huge hand-built large diameter bass and treble Tubulum (aka “Cylindrum”), 88 steel-hammered grand piano strings, a classic thumb piano (aka “Kalimba”), a finely-detailed music box, rustic bronze alloy Indian Khadki Bells (aka “Noah Bells”), a hand-crafted steel tank tongue drum with hauntingly dark overtones (aka “Steel Tones”), a richly resonant large wooden box slit drum (aka “Whaledrum”) and an array of tuned wine glasses.

Each instrument has been sampled in several dynamics over its full key range. Some instruments were recorded in a dry studio, while others were captured in a bright, lush recording hall, with carefully selected microphone models and positions to present each one in the most musical light.

Soundiron’s Tuned & Tonal Percussion Collection is a 481 MB library that includes 315 individual stereo PCM samples recorded at 48kHz /24 bits.

Tuned & Tonal Percussion is now available to Splice Sounds subscribers.

Subscriptions start at $7.99 USD/month. New users can get 1 month free access to Splice by using promo code YT2021 when signing up for a plan.

More information: Splice Sounds / Soundiron