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Splurgo Audio releases Odd Timed Rock Drumloops and Lullaby

Splurgo Audio Odd Timed Rock Drumloops & Lullaby

Splurgo Audio has announced the release of Odd Timed Rock Drumloops, a new sample pack, and music production track Lullaby.

New Splurgo Audio products

  • Odd Timed Rock Drumloops – Bands like Tool, Dream Theatre and Radiohead have used odd time signatures in several songs. Although these more complex meters were common in non-Western music, they were rarely used in formal written Western music until the 19th century. Due to request we decided to do a rock drum loops pack with more complex time signatures. This pack consist of a bunch of 5/4 loops and 7/4 loops. All files are available in Acid Pro Wav and Apple Garageband AIFF.
  • Music Track: Lullaby – This Production Track is unmistakable called ‘lullaby’ because of its peaceful atmosphere. Two instrument versions are included, one with acoustic guitar only and one including electric guitar and bass too. Both instrumentals have a short (0:55) and longer (1:35) version. All files are available in Acid Pro Wav and Apple Garageband AIFF.

The Odd Timed Rock Drumloops pack is available to purchase for $9.95 USD. The Lullaby Music Track is $8.95 USD.

More information: Splurgo Audio (website no longer available)

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