Splurgo Audio has announced the release of Rock Ballad Drums and Mixed Guitar Pack, two new sample packs.

Splugo Audio Rock Ballad Drums

Rock Ballad Drums is a collection of drum loops.

Whether you’re working on a romantic acoustic ballad or some hard rock tune. If it is in 3/4 time signature and you still are looking for drums, here’s your solution. 96 perfectly beatmapped loops. 10 basic loops, that can be divided in hihat loops and ride loops. Besides that we created a bunch of drumfills and rolls to add some more creativity.

Rock Ballad Drums contains 96 loops perfectly beatmapped at 90 and 100 bpm (3/4). This pack is available in Sony Acid WAV and Apple Garageband AIFF formats, priced at $11.95 USD.

Splurgo Audio Mixed Guitar Pack

Splurgo’s Mixed Guitar Pack is a free collection of guitar loops.

If you’re not sure what guitar samples you’re after, checkout the Splurgo’s Mixed Guitar Pack, containing loops in all different genres, acoustic and electric.

The Mixed Guitar Pack contains 50 samples and is available as a free download in Sony Acid WAV and Apple Garageband AIFF formats.

More information: Splurgo Audio (website no longer available)