reFuse Software has announced the release of the Halloween-themed Spooky Meter, a free metering effect plugin for Windows and macOS.

Three segments of metering get progressively brighter with signal level, with the green mouth fully lighting at -24 dB, the yellow nose fully lighting at -12 dB, and the red eyes fully lighting at 0 dB. The eyes also function as a peak hold, by remaining lit if the signal peaks above 0 dB, until reset by clicking anywhere in the window.

Note that Spooky Meter deactivates its audio processing if the plugin window is closed, for CPU efficiency. Because of this, it will not catch 0 dB peaks with its peak hold while the plugin window is closed.

The plugin is is free to download in VST3, AU and AAX formats at reFUSE Software until November 2nd, 2021.