Native Instruments has launched the latest addition to the Spotlight Collection range of inspiring instruments that capture evocative sounds from specific styles, scenes, and cultures.

Painstakingly recorded from virtuoso performances on location in Seoul, Shenzhen, and Tokyo, the 38 melodic and percussive instruments in Spotlight Collection: East Asia offer a wide range of authentic sounds for modern productions.

East Asia delivers an exhaustive selection of instantly recognizable string, wind, and percussion sounds, which includes dulcimers, flutes, lutes, oboes, gongs, drums, and cymbals.

The instrument’s built-in traditional scales and tunings let producers quickly create melodies and rhythms with an authentic sound. Each instrument and ensemble comes with an array of preset grooves and phrases, which can be further tweaked with intuitive macro controls, allowing distinctive parts to be constructed easily.

East Asia is available now for 99 USD/EUR. Owners of Yangqin can get 20% off, while the entire Spotlight Collection which also includes Middle East, India, West Africa, Cuba, and Balinese Gamelan, is also available with a 20% discount until July 26th, 2021.

More information: Native Instruments