Squarp Instruments has announced that it is accepting preorders on the Pyramid Polyrhythmic Sequencer, an advanced hardware standalone sequencer running proprietary PyraOs realtime processing firmware and boasting (multiple) MIDI, USB, CV/Gate, and (Sync48- and Sync24-configurable) DIN Sync connectivity, together with a host of fanciful features belying its compact and bijou form factor.

05 Pyramid zoom
01 Pyramid studio table

02 Pyramid performance

03 Pyramid euclidean screen

04 Pyramid performance with keyboard

06 Pyramid night

Whether you’re a keyboardist who wants a powerful tool to get the best from your instrument, a live performer looking for a complete solution to manage your set, or a studio musician making music from scratch, Pyramid provides you with a radical new workflow and almost unlimited possibilities.

Pyramid is designed to be the perfect brain for your musical setup, from studio to stage. It brings together a computer, a sequencer software, a controler and an input/output interface.

Pyramid features

  • Modes
    • Live mode: improvise and record notes and automations with the transposable keys, the touchpad or with an external controller on one of the 64 track. Use the smartpads to play chord progressions, scales and repeated notes. Use the Hold & Relatch tools. The maximum track length is 64-bar.
    • Step mode: create and arrange rhythms and melodies with the full-real-time step-by-step sequencer on one of the 64 track. A step can be a note, a chord or a CC MIDI message. Zoom the track to surgically edit the track with the piano roll view and the automation view. Use the euclidean graphic sequencer to easily create outstanding rhythms.
    • Track mode: set, manage and control up to 64 tracks. Mute/unmute tracks on the fly, change in real-time the resolution, the length, the time signature, the midi channel. Build your sequences (a set of 64 muted/unmuted tracks).
    • Seq mode: launch your sequences on the fly or link them to each other to create a complete song.
  • Managers
    • Effect manager: combine up to 4 real-time MIDI effects per track.
    • Assign manager: link an effect parameter or a CC message to the touchpad, the accelerometer or any of the five encoders at your disposal.
  • Connectivity
    • MIDI in (to control Pyramid with a MIDI controller).
    • MIDI out (x2).
    • DYN sync out.
    • CV+GATE in (x2) [0 to 5V].
    • CV+GATE out [0 to 5V].
    • ENV out (assignable CV envelope, e.g. to sequence filters) [0 to 5V].
    • PEDAL in (x2).
    • Plug and play MIDI USB out.
    • SD card slot to save an unlimited number of projects and upgrade the OS.
  • User interface
    • 35 backlit silicon pads.
    • Menu clickable encoder to control everything.
    • 5 assignable clickable encoders.
    • Assignable multi-finger touchpad.
    • Assignable accelerometer.
    • White backlit LCD graphical screen.
  • Hardware
    • Mini USB bus powered (power supply included).
    • Kensington security lock.
    • 206x268x44mm aluminium housing.

Pyramid is available for preorder for 699 EUR.

More information: Squarp Instruments