With the release of Drum Studio – Acoustic One, Roland Cloud has added a collection of high-quality acoustic sampled drums to its suite of instruments.

Roland Cloud Drum SRX World

These classic kits include a wide variety of sounds played with varied articulation using sticks, brushes, and hot rods.

Drum Studio’s classic kits come from a history of craftsmanship born in the deep south and Quebec. We captured these cutting-edge samples with modern recording tools. Now, these meticulously recorded drum sounds are yours to explore. Presets like “Rock It,” “Backbeat,” “Wooden Hoops,” “Nashville,” and others provide starting points in a variety of styles useful for different applications. Just download, open in Concerto, and start playing!

Drum Studio includes 6 kicks, 5 snares, 9 toms, and 7 cymbals all sampled with varied articulation and multiple microphone placements and played with sticks, brushes, and hot rods. Included in the collection are a 1926 snare, a 1960 14×24 bass drum, and dozens of other sounds designed to bring an authentic vibe to your music.

Drum Studio – Acoustic One features

  • HRES (High-Resolution Extended Samples) acoustic drum kits.
  • Cutting edge drum sounds captured with modern recording tools.
  • RRS (Round Robin Sound) Sample Randomization.
  • Dynamic drum mixer w/ multi-mic control and effects.
  • Individual control of 6 kicks, 5 snares, 9 toms, and 7 cymbals all sampled with varied articulation and multiple microphone placements.
  • Ten preset kits optimized for different styles and genres.

SRX World

The second of two releases introduced at NAMM 2019 is SRX World, a new Legendary collection title created in the spirit of Roland’s seminal hardware board with modern adaptability.

Roland Cloud Drum Studio Acoustic One

SRX World is packed with sounds from around the world, from didgeridoo to tabla, berimbau to sitar.

Throughout the early 2000s, Roland’s SRX expansion board series provided innovative tools to sprinkle fresh flavors into your synth setup. Installed directly into Roland hardware, each board contained a specialized musical world all its own. These genre-centric collections ranged from a dancefloor library like SRX DANCE TRAX to SRX ORCHESTRA with its patches of subtle strings and woodwinds. Taken as a whole, the SRX series widened players’ pallets, inspiring musicians to diversify their tracks.

“World Collection,” the ninth entry in the SRX-series, gave users the chance to travel the globe with an array of musical treasures. The original hardware boasted a collection of international instruments drawn from the SR-JV80 “World,” “Asia,” and “Latin” collections. Throw in a little bit of country for good measure, and the hardware was, literally, a worldwide affair.

SRX World features

  • 407 patches, 10 rhythm sets, and 867 waveforms.
  • Ultra-flexible patch parameters.
  • Manages 128 memories as one bank.
  • Multi-effects with 78 different kinds of effects including Delay, Chorus, Reverb, Auto Wah, Tape Echo, and dozens more.

Furthermore, the Roland Cloud Manager and Concerto were updated.

New RCM features focus on improved stability and general performance enhancements, while Concerto gets separate “Sub-Instrument” controls and audio pipelines in support of the new Drum Studio instrument. Outputs other than the main out will bypass the main instrument’s FX and retain their own reverb and compression functions.

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