Solid State Logic has introduces its latest plugin release SSL DeEss, adding another indispensable production tool its range of audio tools.

DeEss delivers a range of corrective tools for precision sibilance reduction and high-frequency control – routinely used to remove excess sibilance and harsh mid-high frequency build-ups, including the ‘ess’ and ‘shh’ sounds in vocal takes.

In addition to workflow tools including automatic auditioning and a built-in control for rejuvenating de-essed signals that need brightening, DeEss uses a relative threshold algorithm. This allows the user to change the input level of a signal without a destructive effect on the response of the de-esser — no matter how loud or quiet the signal.

DeEss features

  • Relative threshold de-esser allows level changes earlier in your FX chain.
  • Brighten control enables ‘rejuvenation’ of the high-end after de-essing.
  • Split and Broadband processing modes enable flexible filtering options; each filter can be independently auditioned.
  • Multi-shade waveform visualiser enables users to see quietest and loudest parts of the signal, and relative threshold.
  • Auto Listen control allows auditioning of the signal while changing related controls.
  • Mid/side processing control quickly targets only the mid or side components of the signal.

The SSL DeEss plugin is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac. It is on sale at the Solid State Logic store and from Plugin Boutique at the intro price of $79 USD until May 5th, 2022 (regular $119 USD).

It is also part of the SSL Complete Bundle subscription, which now includes 19 premium Solid State Logic plugins for $14.99 USD/month.