Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on Stagecraft Software, a unique audio software company based in San Francisco.

Stagecraft Holiday 50 PluginBoutique

We focus on bringing audio software into the future by getting away from hardware look-alike interfaces and towards more intuitive, responsive UI. Also, we make DJ solutions that focus on manipulating sounds granularly – that is – controlling loops and samples the way DJs are accustomed to con-trolling tracks, with complete fluidity of playback (as you have on a turntable).

Our end goal is software that is as powerful as any DAW, but with the immediacy and creative feel of DJing software.

The sale includes the Addiction Synth at 74% OFF. This subtractive synthesizer can be easily made to sound like anything from a sweet, light organ, to a sharp, funky clav.

Stagecraft Addiction synth

There are multiple voices, velocity sensitivity, mono/polyphonic switching, versatile LFOs and filter, and effects. In short, everything you would expect with any of the most professional synths.

Addiction Synth features

  • MPE and Aftertouch support.
  • Three Oscillators with independent volume, pan and pitch.
  • Filter bank with auto filter style display.
  • Full automation of any or all parameters.
  • LFO for filter sweeping.
  • Advanced quantization options for all parameters.
  • Waveform skewing (Pulse Width modulation for all oscillators and LFOs).
  • Over a dozen effects and full effects chaining, including bit crusher, reverb, delay, and chorus.
  • Better anti-aliasing and waveform control.
  • More presets, and full preset sharing between users.

Also make sure to check out Stagecraft’s Infinity synthesizer instrument, which is currently available as a free download (VST/AU/AAX).

The sale ends January 1st, 2018.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Stagecraft Software