Stagecraft Software has released a new audio plugin that is inspired by the KAOSS PAD series of dynamic effects/samplers from Korg.

Disarray is a simple controller that allows you to manipulate multiple effects across and XY plane in startling and amazing ways.

Perfect for slow builds, quick drops, effect riding, and soundscapes; this plugin gives you everything you need to truly control you effect chains live. Map any parameter to the XY space either radially or linearly. Control up to 8 parameters on up to 4 effects at once. Trigger and freeze effects to pop in and out with touch or to stay statically on while you manipulate them. Truly unprecedented control.

In addition to the onboard effects (every Stagecraft effect is pre-loaded into Disarray), you can also use it as a host. This means that you can load your favorite effects and control them as well, even when running Disarray as a plugin itself. If there is a better way to control plugins over an XY space, we have not seen it. Like all Stagecraft plugins, you can add internal quantization, mods, and automation to any parameter. Doing this adds another dimension to the controls, tracing out complex paths in the XY space with every touch.

Free for a limited time only, Disarray is available to download for Windows and Mac. It can host VST3 and AU plugins.

More information: Stagecraft Software