Standard Beat Company Doom Dub

Standard Beat Company has released its latest drum loop sample pack: Doom Dub.

Based upon the original playing styles and recordings of long time Chicago area reggae drummer/percussionist Matt Cordier, (Roots Rock Society/Big Junk) Doom Dub interprets dub and reggae tradition to a quantized, modern, and occasionally glitchy environment. Includes 52 played loops in .rex format, a multi layer drum kit for Native Instruments Kontakt 4 and Battery 3, 144 individual hits in 24 bit .wav format, and 41 processed loops in both .rex and 24 bit .wav formats.

Doom Dub was composed using all original samples recorded with Lavry Blue conversion, Oktava, AEA and Peluso mics, and the Placid Audio Copperphone for a distinctly intimate and vintage sound.

Doom Dub is available to purchase for $29 USD.

Visit Standard Beat Company for more information.