Steinberg announces Cubase 5 Trial version

Cubase 5 Trial version

Steinberg has announced the immediate availability of a fully functional trial version of its acclaimed Cubase 5 Advanced Music Production System.

“The Cubase 5 Trial version is the ideal way for customers of older Cubase versions or any software that uses the USB eLicenser to try out Cubase 5 for 30 days,” comments Helge Vogt, Steinberg’s Product Marketing Manager for Cubase. “Importantly, this is not a functionally limited demo version but the full Cubase 5 installer with all features, sounds and instruments. We’re sure that some musicians and producers out there trying Cubase 5 who currently use competing products will find features like the VariAudio vocal correction features, VST Expressions or the new beat production tools extremely attractive and won’t want to miss them,” Vogt adds.

The Cubase 5 software can be downloaded from the Steinberg website or obtained on DVD from any authorized Steinberg dealer. A USB eLicenser and a MySteinberg account at are required.

Users of other DAW products who do not yet own a USB eLicenser receive a full refund on the price of the USB eLicenser in the Steinberg online shop when buying the full Cubase 5 version.

More information: Steinberg

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Cheddar Man
Cheddar Man

Buying a usb-key just to test a DAW when the competition offers free demos of their programs, is holding on to outdated thinking. Cubase isn’t in a league of it’s own anymore,if ever it was.

They could have offered a demo that uses the software based e-licenser, so a larger number of people could demo Cubase 5!

mr. tunes
mr. tunes

i know it’s silly. the worst is they own the syncrosoft company :(

steinberg will always be limited to old users like myself, and will have an impossible time gaining new ones moving forward.


yea, thats the kinda utter bullcrap that just changed my mind about even thinking about switching over to Cubase.