Steinberg has announced the immediate availability of a brand-new audio recording, editing and publishing software for making podcast and video sound clear and intelligible.

WaveLab Cast boasts a variety of editing, refinement and enhancement tools to increase the quality of audio recordings and turn any podcast into a professional-sounding and captivating show.

The included sound correction tools remove unwanted noise or hum; the editing tools arrange audio parts and scenes as well as adding background music, applying an automatic ducking effect when detecting speech; the Track Inspector provides easy 2-band EQing; plus, there are many more tools for signal processing, such as the Voice Exciter, Compressor and Brickwall Limiter.

WaveLab Cast also assists with the distribution of podcasts, connecting directly with five different podcast directories, including Spreaker, Podbean and Soundcloud.

WaveLab Cast Videomontage

For content that is published through social media avenues, WaveLab Cast offers post-production tools for live streams’ audio. With its many editing and correction tools, WaveLab Cast is able to remove pauses, unnecessary filler words and unwanted noises while remaining aligned with the video. Its signal processors and meters assist with enhancing the audio to ensure best results.

“We’re very excited to introduce WaveLab Cast, a completely new software application tailored to the requirements of podcasters as well as social media content creators. Its capabilities cover all the editing and distribution tools to give yourself the best audio quality you can get,” says Marketing Manager Luis Dongo.

WaveLab Cast is exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop for 69.99 EUR. It is also possible to upgrade from WaveLab LE to WaveLab Cast for only 19.99 EUR. All prices include German VAT.

Steinberg is offering an introductory 20% discount offer on WaveLab Cast until March 31st, 2021.

More information: Steinberg