Steinberg has announced the immediate availability of VST Connect Pro 5, the advanced remote recording plugin for online collaborations with Cubase Pro 9.5 or Nuendo 8 or higher.

VST Connect Pro allows producers and performers to collaborate together regardless of location. Multi-track recordings can be streamed directly to the workstation in premium quality.

Steinberg VST Connect Pro 5

The fifth version of VST Connect Pro comes in a new look, not only integrating nicely into the user interfaces of Cubase and Nuendo, but also providing seamless scalability and support for high-resolution displays.

The brand-new video streaming functionality allows users to record audio from musicians, vocalists and speakers using the freely available VST Connect Performer standalone application (now also including video playback). This allows audio and music to be aligned directly to the streamed video, making it ideal for film scoring, language dubbing, composing for video and other purposes.

“With more and more producers and musicians working remotely, VST Connect Pro 5 helps them feel closer together. And with its new video streaming capability, artists can now also play to video as if they were in the studio. Overall, this new version provides more versatility than ever before,” says Luis Dongo, product marketing manager at Steinberg.

VST Connect Pro 5 features

  • Collaborate with other musicians and producers around the world.
  • Video stream functionality from the DAW to the Performer.
  • Local video playback for the VST Connect Performer.
  • Multi-channel support for remote recording of up to 16 channels.
  • Up to 192 kHz and 32-bit audio support with downstream transfer of large-scale uncompressed audio files.
  • MIDI support for sending and receiving MIDI data to your recording counterpart.
  • Cue mix section for optimal recording environment.
  • LAN support for connections in your local network.
  • VST 3 support for recording VST instruments via peer-to-peer connection.
  • Free download client-side application with full remote control of session settings by the session administrator.

VST Connect Pro 5 is available as download through the Steinberg Online Shop, with a suggested retail price of 199 EUR, including German VAT.

More information: Steinberg