Steinberg 80s Pop / Hip Hop 2

Steinberg has released 80s Pop and Hip Hop 2, two new content sets for Sequel.

The two new sets each add over 300 MB of first-class loops to the already formidable loop library included with Sequel 2 covering the music styles of pop in the ’80s and hip hop. Crafted by professional audio content producers, the new sets are exclusively available in the Steinberg Online Shop.

Sequel Content Set features

  • 80s Pop — comes with 300 MB of loops, giving you more than just the average sensation of what pop really sounded like in the 1980s — wave, EBM and synth-pop, it’s all there for you to play around with.
  • Hip Hop 2 — brings you over 300 MB of the latest urban grooves plus hip hop beats to blend nicely into your productions.
  • All Sequel Content Sets feature Construction Kits, a system that groups together “related” audio material out of the box, offering an ideal way of getting started with any of the Sequel loop collections.

80s Pop and Hip Hop 2 are available for purchase for 14.90 EUR (incl. VAT) each.

Visit Steinberg for more information.