Steinberg Allen Morgan Signature Drums

Steinberg has announced the release of Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol.1, a sound library for the Groove Agent ONE virtual drum instrument.

Faithfully recorded and elaborately pre-processed by LA-based producer Allen Morgan, all sounds are laid out as ready-to-use drum kits and include one-shot drum and effect samples.

The 30 included drum kits cover acoustic as well as electronic drum styles and are categorized in Dubstep, Big Beat, Pop Extreme, Rock Extreme, Vintage Extreme and Progressive House.

The included 150 MIDI loops provide energetic beats that are easily accessed through the MediaBay and complete the library expansion with five grooves for each drum kit.

Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol. 1

  • Over 900 pre-processed samples (drums and effects).
  • 30 conveniently laid-out drum kits.
  • 150 MIDI loops with beats and grooves.
  • Exclusively available as download.
  • Windows and Mac installer included.

The library costs 29.99 EUR inc. VAT.

More information: Steinberg