Steinberg Funk Essentials

Steinberg has announced the release of Funk Essentials, a new VST Sound Instrument Sets expansion for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent 4 SE.

Funk Essentials comprises major funk styles of complex grooves, abiding rhythmical precision while grasping aesthetic musicality that reminds of archetypal elements appreciated in many funk hits.

Available for the Acoustic Agent drum kits in Steinberg’s award-winning Groove Agent 4 drum software and the Groove Agent SE 4 plug-in included in Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Artist 8, Funk Essentials consists of ten presets that each contain a Style for the Style Player and individual mixer settings. Variable in complexity and intensity, each Style consists of a wide selection of intros, main grooves, fills and endings.

“Funk Essentials is certainly a source of creativity and inspiration to those delving into the world of funk,” says product marketing manager Matthias Quellmann. “With the vast collection of groove patterns included, complete drum tracks can be compiled in just a few minutes.”

Funk Essentials features

  • 10 Funk Styles for the Acoustic Agent drum kits in Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4.
  • Each preset includes a Style and mixer preset.
  • Grooves cover different tempos and range from basic funk phrasings to complex syncopations.
  • Each Style includes main parts, intros, endings and fills.
  • An inexhaustible resource for creating backing tracks, inspiring new compositions and improvisation sessions.

Funk Essentials is available for purchase for 24.99 EUR incl. German VAT.

More information: Steinberg / Funk Essentials