Steinberg Sequel 2

Steinberg has released a trial version of Sequel 2, music creation and performance software for Windows and Mac.

Functionally identical with the retail version and with a reduced sample content pack for quicker download, Sequel 2 Trial is ideal for trying out your song ideas. The trial version will run on your system for up to 45 days, so there’s plenty of time to record audio, try out all the studio effects, and play around with over 600 playable instruments!

When you install the trial version of Sequel 2 on your computer, a license is included that runs for 15 days. To extend the trial period for another 30 days, just click on the “Prolong Trial Period” button in the popup menu that appears when Sequel 2 Trial is launched.

Please note: for technical reasons, activating the extension will set the number of available days to 30, regardless of how many days are still left. For the maximum possible trial period, please extend the trial period at the end of the initial 15 days.

Visit the Sequel website for more information.