Steinberg Sequel

Steinberg has released Sequel, an entry level easy to use music studio software.

With Sequel you can record, edit, mix and perform your music.

Sequel features

  • Extensive file formats support for recording, importing and exporting
  • Audio recording with up to eight simultaneous tracks, unlimited number of audio tracks (limited by CPU)
  • Editing features including SmartTool, Audio Editor, Warp Modes and Step Record Mode
  • Dynamic Track Mixer with Volume, Pan, EQ, Compressor, two variable inserts, two variable send effects and automation of effect parameters and instrument quick controls in instrument tracks
  • Realtime Arranging based on Arranger Parts; up to 15 parts can be assigned to Cue Pads for realtime arranging/remixing
  • Effect types include Delay, Distortion, Dynamics, Modulation (Auto Pan, Chorus, Flanger, etc), Roomworks SE and Channel Equalizer
  • Integrated virtual instruments with hundreds of presets

Sequel comes with more than 5000 Loops (2000 instrument loops, 3000 audio loops), 600+ instrument presets, 50+ audio track presets and over 150 effects presets. The styles covered by Sequel are as broad as one can get, from Pop to Metal, from Country to Experimental.

Steinberg Sequel screenshot

Steinberg Sequel screenshot

Sequel is available word-wide for US$99 / 99EUR.

More information: Sequel