Cubase SE3

Next-generation technology at an entry-level price – that’s Cubase SE3.

This complete music production software has been engineered based on Steinberg’s renowned top of the line Cubase SX3. Cubase SE3 is ideal for anyone working on a tight budget but who can’t do without professional technologies in their home recording, project or pre-production environment.

Cubase features:

  • 48 Audio tracks and unlimited MIDI tracks
  • Professional 24/96 recording
  • Up to 16 VST instrument slots
  • 5 insert effects and 8 send effects per channel
  • VST System Link and ReWire 2-compatible
  • VST audio and MIDI plug-ins included
  • Video thumbnail track for building your own video soundtracks
  • Technology and user interface based on award-winning music production software Cubase SX3/SL3

New in Cubase SE3:

  • New VST 2.3 audio engine
  • Fully automatic delay compensation for plug-ins
  • Enhanced user interface (same “look and feel” as Cubase SX3)
  • Platform-specific performance optimizations
  • Improved Hitpoint detection for tempo adjustments of audio loops
  • Drag & Drop of MIDI tracks directly into the Project Window
  • Extended Track Inspector with improved track parameter access
  • Many editing and workflow enhancements

More information: Steinberg / Cubase