Steinberg has updated both Cubase and Cubase Studio to version 4.1.

This update to the popular digital audio workstations brings new features such as Sidechaining for VST3 Plug-ins, free routing, a Global Transpose Track, Music XML support and much more.

Sidechaining in Cubase 4.1

Sidechaining in Cubase 4.1

New in Cubase 4.1

  • Sidechain Input for VST3 Plug-ins, available on most VST3 plug-ins included with Cubase 4.1.
  • Free Routing + Recording from Summing Objects, new routing capabilities allow totally unlimited routing between group channels regardless of their order, and supports sending from groups to FX returns as well as from FX returns into group channels.
  • Redesigned Sample Editor, more ergonomic and quicker to use thanks to a new Inspector-style section.
  • Track Quick Controls, set of eight user-definable realtime controllers gives ultra-fast access to any parameter available on the current track.
  • Advanced MediaBay Options
  • Global Transpose Track, makes it so easy to create new musical arrangements based on loops, or experiment with chord progressions without having to edit each part on each track individually.
  • Advanced Arranger (Play Order Track), new pattern-based features to enhance creative experimentation with song arrangement as well as offer new ways of using Cubase for live performance.
  • Project Logical Editor, manipulate tracks and parts/events, including folder tracks in ways that can radically enhance workflow.
  • Sequel Project Import and Content Compatibility
  • MusicXML Import & Export, MusicXML is a data format for interchange of musical scores supported by an increasing number of companies to facilitate the exchange of musical scores between applications.
  • Windows Vista Support, fully supports Windows Vista32. A Preview Version for Vista64 is also available, which runs natively as a 64-bit application and supports up to 128GB RAM.
  • New VST3 PlugIns: Distortion, DualFilter, Chorus, Roomworks/Roomworks SE, UV22 HR
Roomworks VST3 plug-in in Cubase 4.1

Roomworks VST3 plug-in in Cubase 4.1

  • VST Plug-in Bridge, ensures maximum compatibility of plug-ins.
  • Improved QuickTime 7 Support
  • Drum Editing Enhancements
  • Load Projects inactive, significantly reduces load times and saves system resources, as multiple projects can now be opened and parts or entire sections can easily be copied from one project to another without projects using additional CPU and RAM resources.
  • Remote Control Extensions, hardware remote controllers now have access to Instrument Tracks and the Studio Sends (Control Room), as well as the new Track Quick Controls in Cubase 4.1.
  • Apple Remote Support
  • MIDI File Playback using HALionOne
  • New file type: MIDI Loop, a combination of a MIDI file and an associated track preset.
  • Bonus Feature, over 400 new presets for Embracer, Prologue, Spector, and Mystic.

Cubase Studio 4.1 gets most of these new features as well. The new updates are available as a free download to all registered Cubase 4 and Cubase 4 customers.

Visit Steinberg for more information.