VST Buzz has launched a sale on Stigmatized Drummer by Stigmatized Productions, a high-end metal oriented drumming library for Kontakt, recorded in exhaustive detail to provide an organic, full and “in your face” sound.

VST Buzz Stigmatized Drummer

Got an urge to create a Heavy Rock or Death Metal track? Or perhaps you just want to give your next Pop track that extreme edge which will help it stand out from the crowd?

Then “Stigmatized Drummer” by Stigmatized Productions is exactly the what you’ve been waiting for!

This is simply the most hardcore drumming library ever conceived, featuring an array of tools and deeply-sampled sounds that will help you create the ultimate extreme drumming performance!

Stigmatized Drummer features

  • Both left and right hand hits sampled.
  • Up to 60 velocity layers per hit.
  • Hundreds of “General” and “Focused” grooves for instant inspiration!
  • MIDI CC learn – assign any on-screen control to any hardware!
  • Two mixing kits: EXTREME and RAW for ultimate flexibility!
  • A flexible 16 track mixer.
  • Built in high quality effects including: G-Equalize, Transient Master, Solid Bus Compressor and Tape Saturator
  • A powerful “Matrix Router”.
  • Perfect for Hard Rock, Thrash/Death Metal, Black Metal, Hardcore Punk, Edgy Pop music and much more!

Stigmatized Drummer is available for purchase for just 14.99 EUR until March 22nd, 2017 (regular 50 EUR). Requires Kontakt or higher, full version.

More information: VST Buzz / Stigmatized Drummer