Stillwell Audio Schwa Dyno

Stillwell Audio has released Schwa Dyno, a threshold-driven dynamic envelope editor VST plugin for Windows PC.

The product page reads:

A radically new way to gain total control over dynamics: it’s a transient designer, compressor, expander, sound designer, and more.

Adjust an intuitive graphical detection circuit to capture transients and waveform peaks, and draw high-order Bezier curves to edit peak dynamics. Use Dyno for anything from adding a little snap to a snare drum or a little sizzle to a cymbal, to morphing a bass line into a crazed rhino pump. All in real time, with amazingly low CPU use.

Check the PDF Manual for detailed information about Dyno.

Schwa Dyno costs $50 USD (or $25 USD for a Reaper-only, non-commercial use license).

Visit Stillwell Audio for more information and to download an evaluation copy of Dyno.