Stillwell Audio 1973

Stillwell Audio is offering a bunch of great looking plug-ins with licenses for both commercial and non-commerial use (Reaper only).

The Stillwell plug-ins include:

There are also two special-purpose analysis and editing plugins developed by schwa, PsychoDither and schOPE.

schOPE by Schwa

schOPE by Schwa

PsychoDither is a dither plug-in with an adaptive algorithm which reacts in real-time to the signal audio to preserve the maximum possible dynamic range at any bit depth, and schOPE is a multitool, multiview, multichannel waveform, frequency, signal and channel phase analyzer.

Some of the Stillwell plug-in can already be purchased online, check here to see which ones.

Evaluation versions for 1973, Psycho Dither and schOPE can currently be downloaded. (Downloads for the other plug-ins will follow shortly I guess)

Visit Stillwell Audio for more information.