STL Tones has announced the release of an update to its AmpHub electric guitar suite featuring an ever expanding set of stomp-box, amplifier, cabinet, microphone and effect models.

The AmpHub Access Pass gives you unlimited access to the entire AmpHub plugin suite, which includes an ever growing collection of amps, cabinets, pedals. For only $10 a month, you have access to the current collection of 24 amps, 18 pedals, 16 cabinets, each cabinet has 6 microphone options, and also included are the post effects modules. Next month, and every other month, we add new models to the AmpHub Access Pass, at no additional cost! Sign up now, your Amp Sim world, simplified.

AmpHub February Update

  • Added Blackhole Arcturus 100 amplifier model (based on a Blackstar Artisan 100).
  • Added Foo Drive DOC 14 stompbox model (based on a Fulltone OCD v1.4).
  • Added 4×12 Blackhole Arcturus V30 cabinet model (11 microphones, captured from a 4×12 Blackstar Artisan cabinet).
  • Added option for binding MIDI messages to show/hide the Tuner.
  • Fixed bug causing Cabinet IR menus to not be refreshed on preset change.

Subscriptions to AmpHub are $10 USD/month or $100/USD per year.

More information: STL Tones