STL Tones has announced the availability of the March update of AmpHub guitar suite powered by Ignite Amps.

AmpHub is an all encompassing electric guitar suite in software format, featuring an ever expanding set of stomp-box, amplifier, cabinet, microphone and effect models, covering every possible guitar player needs for any genre.

Changes in AmpHub v1.2.5 2022.03

  • Added Technyc Drive Direct Bass v1 stompbox model.
  • Added Droptaver stompbox + effect model.
  • Added Giano Guitar Doubler effect model.
  • Added Orbital Delay effect model.
  • Added Chainsaw Eq effect model.
  • Digital Flanger, Digital Phaser and Digital Tremolo now available as stompbox models.
  • Improved screen readers support for visually impaired users.
  • Added MIDI channel switching support to models: Cali Dual Rect 2Ch, Frantic Drachen, Frantic Kobra, Ignite Amps NRR-X.
  • Fixed incorrect parameter labels for models: Mizar Drive Kickass Mod, Brit J1 2084, Frantic Kobra, Frantic Drachen, Meridian Class 30.
  • Fixed Mono/Stereo bug causing some effect models to misbehave and increase CPU load.

AmpHub is available for $10 USD/month, or you can buy individual models outright.

More information: STL Tones