STL Tones has announced the release of a free expansion pack for its ControlHub all-inclusive mixing plugin platform that allows you to load entire signal chain-based expansion packs from your favorite mixers and recording studios.

The Destroyer is based on the Decapitator saturation plugin by Soundtoys.

Take any sound from subtle to extreme brutality and you’ll see why this is a favorite analog saturation tool loved by engineers around the world.

This expansion pack has a total of 58 presets.

The Destroyer ControlHub Expansion Pack is a free download from the STL Tones website. It requires the ControlHub plugin, which is available to purchase for $199 USD.

Atrium Audio ControlHub Expansion Pack

Also released recently is the ControlHub expansion featuring a collection of 59 presets designed by Atrium Audio’s Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland as a powerful metal and hard rock mixing toolkit.

Every signal chain that makes their productions so hard-hitting has been captured, from the individual elements of a drum kit, modern heavy guitar and bass processing, all the way through to the final mix bus and master chains.

This Atrium Audio ControlHub Expansion Pack is priced $49.99 USD.

AmpHub August Update

Additionally, STL Tones has released another update to its AmpHub plugin suite. Version 1.3.0 adds 5 new pedals and fresh optimizations for the entire AmpHub experience.

Changes in AmpHub v1.3.0

  • Added Update Notifier. Users will now be notified from within the plugin when a new version of the plugin is available. Along with also being able to download the latest installers from within the plugin..
  • Added Auto Wah stompbox model.
  • Added Envelope Filter stompbox model.
  • Added Trioctaver stompbox model.
  • Added Prodigal Dist Raw Turbo stompbox model.
  • Added Wampus D-Phoria stompbox model.
  • Added Sensitivity control to the Tuner.
  • Fixed zipper noise when tweaking certain controls on various amp models.
  • Fixed thump sound when activating Ultra mode on the Eagle Fire 60 amplifier.
  • RAM usage optimization.

AmpHub is available for $10 USD/month, and new users can try AmpHub with a 10-day free trial plan.

More information: STL Tones