Straightarrow Quiver

Straightarrow has released a new public beta version of its Quiver virtual modular synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac.

This release is primarily to get some feedback on the new filter, which includes a very versatile zero-delay moog ladder, and a 24dB acid filter with a bit more crunch. Be aware that the sound and parameters may still change!

Does it need more bass boost? Not crunchy enough? Does it use too much CPU? Does it need an input drive gain? Let me know ;-)

Changes in Quiver v1.1 beta 3

  • Added new filter types.
  • Added dropdown to control length of envelopes.
  • Added ability to save and load individual module presets.
  • Added non-hex values to MIDI assign dropdown.
  • Added mouse over descriptions to module connectors.
  • Renamed Wavetable Oscillator to Paderizer Oscillator.
  • Fixed problem with installer on windows, which would select wrong folder.

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