StrayWorx Bad Bassist

StrayWorx has released Bad Bassist, a deep sampled sound library of an Ibanez SRX305 bass guitar through a Powerstate PBT100+BB15 combo, using “fingered” playing technique.

This is NOT one of the usual bass guitar sample libraries, it has some unusual and different extra features!

The SRX305 has a nice tone, good for backing, adds deep and rich bass sound to your music. If you use it as a normal bass guitar library, then it sounds as a normal bass guitar library. It doesn’t contain much features, there are no various playing techniques inside, just a simple and easy to use bass guitar instrument.

Switch it to Bad Bassist mode and experience a totally different way of playing the bass: unique sound with bad and randomly played notes. Your music won’t be the same twice.

Bad Bassist features

  • E2-E4, sustained/muted, C2-C#2, slaps/mutes, E1-A1, down-slides, C1, string noises.
  • 4 round robin in normal mode, 6 round robin in Bad Bassist mode.
  • Kontakt 4.2+ (full version) required.
  • 90 MBytes (using Kontakt’s losless compressed format).
  • Fancy background.

The Bad Bassist library is available to purchase for $11 USD.

More information: StrayWorx / Bad Bassist