Yuri Turov has announced the release of an audio effect us based on real-time convolution with enveloped velvet noise.

Velvet Machine is a sonic texture generator/blur/non-linear reverb for iPad and iPhone (AUv3) that allows you to stretch and blur out sounds with lengths of up to 10 seconds.

The app can produce reverb-like textures with a flexible volume envelope (including reverse, fading in and out, pulsating etc.), and it can work as a variable density random multi-tap delay (bordering on granular-like sounds).

You can think of Velvet Machine as a special kind of multi-tap delay with a huge number of randomly located and densely spaced taps, where the volume of each tap is determined by the envelope. At high enough density, the repeats are just milliseconds or even less than a millisecond apart — at this point they are perceived as one sound.

Using a huge number of these repeats spread over a long time creates the effect of the sound being stretched or blurred out in time. The randomness of tap locations and phases helps keep the frequency response flat. Since the overall loudness of the effect varies drastically depending on the number of taps and their proximity to each other, Velvet Machines provides automatic gain compensation.

Velvet Machine features

  • Flexible volume envelope with arbitrary number of segments and curvature.
  • Effect time ranging from 100 ms to 10 s.
  • Response density adjustable from 1 to 2000 repeats per second.
  • Predelay up to 500 ms.
  • High cut and low cut filters for the effected signal.
  • Mix adjustable from 100% dry to 100% wet with no dry signal.
  • Mix Lock to switch presets while keeping the dry/wet mix constant.
  • 20+ factory presets.

The app is available for the intro price of $5.99 USD from the App Store.

More information: Yuri Turov