DruMM Elements Series 4 Hats

Stretch That Note has released DruMM Elements Series 4: Hats, a collection of Kontakt instruments.

Sample-layering pioneers Stretch That Note (STN) have released a brand new virtual instrument to their innovative DruMM Elements series. Having previously delivered a wealth of uniquely controllable kick, snare, claps and bass instruments, STN have now trained their sights on the world of hi-hats — and more specifically to the kind of hi-hat that can transform a dull and plodding hip-hop, pop or RnB demo into a cutting-edge masterpiece with attitude!

If you prefer working directly in your DAW, the DruMM series modules are all downloadable as raw layered WAV sample sets — but what really makes these instruments tower over the offerings of other manufacturers is the powerful Kontakt scripting, which has been carefully programmed to do all the difficult sonic manipulation stuff for you, via an easy-to-use interface.

You want to manipulate the timing and phase relationships of different layered samples to make things sound brighter, darker, snappier or smoother? There’s a knob for that. And if you want to take advantage of Mid/Sides processing to get the stereo image of your final layered sound just right there’s a knob for that too. You can also crush the sound, add dirt, tweak the amp and filter envelopes… and a whole lot more. If you want something really refreshing, you really need to try washing your hats down with a good dose of ‘fizz’!

The collection of modules is available to purchase for $50 USD, or $10 USD for each single module. Individual Sample Layering Packs are sold at $10 USD each as well.

A free module is available to download, and by signing up at Stretch That Note you get 3 free modules added to your account.

More information: Stretch That Note